I'm Andrea Fairservice, painter, camper, hiker, lover of wildflowers, beautiful landscapes, plant and cat lady. I could probably do a better job of telling you about who I am if we spoke in person. Writing about myself is not my forte so I'll consider this page a work in progress for now.

I've been an artist and lover of all things outside in nature for as long as I can remember. My sense of curiosity regarding the world around me is one of the reasons I'm always learning something new and I believe it's where I draw much of my inspiration from.

I live in a constant state of wanderlust. Overtime as I’ve had more opportunities to travel and explore, I've begun to link my artistic self with my adventurous self and with each new piece I work on I believe I unearth a little more of the' “real me,” that’s been deep inside my whole life waiting to be free.

Currently, I’m fascinated by the magic created in the sky. I am so curious about the relationship between light and color on a subject, whether it is the reflecting light of a sunset on a snowy peak, the sun on the clouds, the milky way, or the cast shadows from a field of wildflowers. I find exploring these relationships a wonderfully fulfilling challenge in my current work and look forward to continuing exploring these themes as I paint dramatic landscapes inspired by our public lands.

Art Currently on Display and Available for Purchase

Shows and Exhibitions

  • 2019 The New Jersey Watercolor Society’s Small But Mighty group Exhibition


  • 2011 Voted one of CMYK Magazine’s Top New Creatives. Volume 51.